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Orthopedic insoles on individual order

Our medical supply items are made using the highest quality materials and the most advanced technologies. Specialized machines allow us to create individual products quickly and precisely. Our knowledge and many years of experience allow us to meet the expectations of our partners (medical stores, orthopedic workshop). The production process of orthopedic equipment is organized in such a way as to be as effective and efficient as possible.

We work on the highest quality equipment, using the most advanced technologies. Qualified and experienced staff combined with modern diagnostic tools are a guarantee of the quality of our insoles.

Milled insoles are made with CNC machine tools. This technology ensures very high accuracy and aesthetics of workmanship. To create the project, we use a 3D scan of the foot, which, combined with the precision of CNC machines, provides an insole perfectly suited to the foot. It is possible to personalize the insoles visually – transfer papers.

Mechanisms of inflence of insoles

The tasks of the insoles include: 

  • maintaining the feet  efficiency, 
  • correction of incorrect foot position, 
  • correct distribution of body weight to the surface of the feet, 
  • relieving overloaded places, 
  • increasing amortization. 


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